We don't specialize in glassware but we do carry a limited line of pet paw shot glasses and cordials and we do perform custom photos and graphics for our customers.  The shot glasses and cordials that we use are all purchased at antique stores.  It is a bit of a hobby for Don the Laserman and because he has found that this sort of glassware engraves nicely he has gathered quite a collection for our use.  Many of the individual glasses are similar or even essentially the same but many of them vary in shape and size.  Accordingly items in the shot glass and cordial line may vary from the above pictures.  
The engraving on all the shot glasses will all look just like the dog and cat image shown here.

The image is sand carved deeply into the glass and these glasses make ideal display keepsakes for people who are dog or cat admirers. 

Shot glasses are $5.

Similarly, on the cordial glasses all the images will be the same though the glasses themselves will differ.

These images have first been sand carved into the glass and then filled with oven hardened acrylic.

Cordial glasses are $10.

These cordials are dishwasher safe.



Any photograph or drawing such as this chalk drawing may be processed and reduced to a black and white image that that may be engraved in glass.  For this type of work we typically purchase glassware to suit our customers desire.  To give you an idea of the cost of this work we usually charge $15 to $20 for the artwork or photo modifications and approximately $10 for each engraved glass glasses.  When the customer provides the glassware item the charge is generally $7 each. 


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