Carved in Stone

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From the most ancient of times people have been carving things in stone.  Sometimes the carving served a practical purpose but often it was someone's way of communicating or just expressing oneself to a passerby who might see the stone or even to the individual doing the stone carving himself.  

Things haven't actually changed that much despite the passing of many thousands of years.  Stone continues to be a delightful material on which words and images are carved and there are many types of markings as well as many types of stone.  Paperworx has been into stone carving for just a few years now and you're welcome to explore some of our work.

 These are common river rocks with carved slogans.  The rock on the left has had letters carved out and then coated with an acrylic clear coat.  The rock on the right is quite a bit different.  It has the background sandcarved away and then the entire rock except the letters clear coated.  Each rock gives a different effect but both serve as practical paperweights, and provided "I was there" or "Do it" are meaningful sentiments, a constant positive desk message as well.

Sometimes it is desirable to engrave (in this case laser engrave) a grayscale photograph on highly polished stone like this black marble pen holder.  As we all know every child loves ice cream and the grandfather with this desk set is able to enjoy it along with "his little gal."  Many other types of polished stone are also suitable for this type of engraving.
Here is a case where we wanted to engrave (sandcarve) an image from a photograph on slate.  In this case the photo was stylized to give the appearance of a line drawing.  After the engraving the image was filled with black lacquer to provide contrast.

Many varieties of stones are good for engraving.  Below are two different treatments of a little fellows profile photo.  The one on the left is sand carved in a yellow Mexican beach rock (filled with black lacquer) and the one on the right a tiny stream pebble with the entire head sandcarved and then filled with gold.


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